Kim Kardahsian is definitely a woman full of surprises. For the first time, the businesswoman was invited to Saturday Night Live this Saturday, October 9. And the influencer did not hesitate to put on a show, under the eyes of a Kanye West, seated in the front row. And according to many spectators, ex-husband and ex-wife have continued to “make the eyes soft”, as revealed by Page Six! Worse still, the beautiful brunette would have introduced herself as “Kim Kardashian West”, while the two former lovebirds are in the process of divorce.

A rather strange behavior when you know that the two have torn apart for many months. But recently, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have not ceased to be seen together, which rekindles rumors around their couple. Will they get back together? The future will tell. During this crazy evening, the Youtubeuse reacted to many Americans, in particular by delivering a self-deprecating number on her own family. She also began her appearance by wondering why she was present: “When they asked me to participate, I was taken aback. I haven’t had a new film for a very long time! In fact, I only released one movie and nobody told me it was coming out. My mother must have forgotten to warn me, “she chanted, obviously referring to her sex tape released in 2002.

“Incredible breasts and perfect buttocks”

Something to laugh at many viewers, who have often seen Kim Kardashian be the object of many mockeries from Saturday Night Life. She also made fun of her way of seeing herself in the mirror: “I am delighted to be here tonight to show you that I am so much more than a pretty face, beautiful hair and great makeup, amazing breasts. and perfect butt. Basically I’m so much more than that reference photo my sisters show their plastic surgeons. ” Kim K will definitely surprise us!

Kim Kardashian © Backgrid UK

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