Kim Kardashian accused, once again, of cultural appropriation

New scandal! Almost two years after being criticized for wearing a maang tikka, a head jewelry worn in India, Kim Kardashian is again accused of cultural appropriation after wearing Hindu-inspired earrings in a recent Photo shoot. And for good reason, the latter represent Om, the central sacred symbol of Hinduism. Om symbols have been popular in America for many decades as Eastern philosophy and Hindu cultural traditions like yoga gain popularity.

If the photos of the star are magnificent, they have sparked a huge debate on social networks. While some fans claim that she “stole” elements of their heritage, others claim that she sheds light on their culture by wearing the Hindu religious symbol. On Twitter, we can read: “Now is the right time to mention that the Om is a sacred symbol for Hindus and not just an accessory”; “Kim just wore my religious symbol with no idea what that means. Classic Kardashian behavior” or, “Will this woman ever learn? Why is she doing her best to look Indian in wearing Om? Lots of cultural appropriation? “

Kim Kardashian can count on the support of her fans

On the other hand, some fans wanted to defend Kim Kardashian. “Kim is promoting Hinduism here. Why is everyone so pissed off? I’m a Hindu and I’m happy about it”; “I don’t see this as disrespect at all. How can you assume beyond a reasonable doubt that she ignores her origins? Because she’s a Kardashian? Prejudice. And lower Hinduism to one. ‘religion’ is primarily short-sighted. Om is much more than a sacred symbol, “we read.

Kim Kardashian © Zuma Press

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