Although already famous, Julia Fox, 32, drew more attention to herself by dating rapper, Kanye West, 44. A romance that began in parallel with that of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. Criticized over her relationship with Kanye West, Julia Fox has also been criticized for stealing the style of Kim Kardashian, 41, by fans. Something she denies! Remember that many were speechless at the actress’ outfit in her IG story. We see it in particular in an immaculate blue mold oozing along her chest. However, a few weeks ago, Kanye West’s ex-wife promoted KKW perfume in a very similar outfit. Of course, Internet users have not failed to notice it.

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Although very similar, it is clear that there are some differences between the 2 outfits. The KUWTK star’s was a black mold extending to her neck. Note that this is not the first time that Julia Fox has been accused of wanting to look like Kim Kardashian, 41 years old. In response to these criticisms, the actress clarified that she was the first to have worn this model. “FYI, I wore it on Halloween 2021 and I was supposed to be a Naughty Smurf. I forgot to post it,” she shared.

Julia Fox is getting support amid all this drama

Despite all this bad excitement, Julia’s IG Story does not only bring bad news. Indeed, she reposted the story of a person who congratulated him on his journey. The message the person wrote to Julia was about self-love, growth, courage and ambition. In fact, the person tagged Julia Fox directly, urging people to take inspiration from her story.

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