Kim Kardashian accused of making money on “Megxit”

Kim Kardashian would she be a profiteer? In 2014, the reality TV star launched her own smartphone game called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. The principle ? Users must create a character, whose goal is to break into the world of show business. However, the latest update to the app has surprised fans, and not necessarily in the right way. Indeed for a few days, they discovered the level “Royal Runaways”, whose scenario resembles in all points … to Megxit!

Besides the resemblance of the characters to the Sussex couple, Prince Harry is in the game Prince Aston, while Meghan Markle is Princess Bianca, whose wish is to leave the monarchy. A news that the fictional couple announces through an interview, like the one given by the Duke and Duchess to Oprah Winfrey a few months ago. “Prince Aston did everything in his power to welcome me into the royal family. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for everyone in his family,” thus launches Princess Bianca in the game, as an echo of what Meghan Markle had confided during his explosive interview.

Kim Kardashian’s new smartphone game features a prince and princess who want to escape royal life: The reality star, 40, launched her Hollywood app in June 2014 and has now added a Royal Runaways level to the game which appears to depict Meghan and Harry.

– We Bloody Love TV (@WeBloodyLoveTV) May 26, 2021

Kim Kardashian accused of portraying Elizabeth II as “rude” character

An update that surprised fans, who now accuse Kim Kardashian, already sued by seven former employees, of making money on the backs of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, by including a scenario in his game almost similar to Megxit. “I was really shocked”, thus entrusted a user to the Sun, which assures that for her, “the two characters are obviously based on Meghan and Harry”. A choice not so appreciated by the players, who believe that the ex-wife of Kanye West has not been tender in particular against Elizabeth II, represented as a “rude” character. “It’s in bad taste considering how much she’s been through recently,” reports The Sun, as the player confronts this fictional character as he is tasked with organizing an auction for help the prince and princess to leave the royal family.

Kim Kardashian © Backgrid USA

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