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Kim Jong-un: when his father organized watered parties in his giant “aquarium”

Famine is looming in North Korea. For several months, the country has been going through a real crisis, between torrential rains that devastated crops and caused numerous floods, as well as a significant lack of food, which pushed Kim Jong-un to force the North Koreans to give up. their dogs so that they are served as meat in restaurants. A drama which is not, however, a first, as The Express points out.

Under dictatorship for more than 70 years, North Korea has chained food shortages. Economic problems that many have blamed on excessive military spending, especially in the development of nuclear missiles. However, the Express reports that another recurring expense has somewhat emptied the state coffers: expenses and other lavish parties, given by Kim Jong-il, the former leader and father of Kim Jung-un. The latter, reputed to be the “biggest consumer in the world” of Hennesey Cognac, at more than 2000 euros a bottle, even organized weekly parties in a building in Pyongyang, known as the “Fish House” in because of its “floor to ceiling aquariums”.

A miraculous note for luxury products imported from abroad

Luxury tastes that Kim Jong-il, who died in 2011, seems to have passed on to his son Kim Jung-un. Indeed, if he urges his citizens to give up their pets to eat, meanwhile the North Korean leader is capable of spending as much as £ 5.5million, or more than £ 6.14million. euros, just in imports of products from Germany, such as spirits, wines, as well as beer. As The Express reports, he has also already spent more than 8 million euros on luxury pepper as well as cheeses imported from Switzerland, where he studied. Watches, fishing rods, umbrellas, perfumes, makeup, high-quality hair products … nothing seems too good for Kim Jung-un, who has also developed a sex industry for the rulers.

Kim Jong-un © ITAR TASS

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