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Kim Jong-Un too stressed: he delegates part of his power to his little sister

As he has led North Korea with an iron fist since taking power, Kim Jong-Un will begin to delegate some of his responsibilities. According to the latest information released by the National Intelligence Service (NIS), which is South Korea’s spy agency, the North Korean leader will “gradually transfer his authority.” Kim Jong-Un will notably delegate some of his powers to his little sister Kim Yo Jong, in order to “relieve his stress”.

However, the NIS also specifies that the North Korean leader “will continue to exercise absolute power” in North Korea. “It is not a question of appointing a successor” adds the South Korean spy agency. In addition, in addition to his little sister, Kim Jong-Un will also delegate some of his responsibilities to members of his government. For example, the vice chairman of the state affairs committee, Pak Pong-ju, and the new prime minister, Kim Tok-hun, are expected to gain control of the country’s economic sector soon.

Kim Jong-Un acquires a nuclear arsenal

For his part, Kim Jong-Un’s little brother, Kim Yeo-Jeong, should also be transferred to new responsibilities. For the record, he is currently the first vice-chairman of the Democratic Labor Party of North Korea. For the record, the revelations of the South Korean spy agency come just after those of the US military concerning the North Korean nuclear arsenal.

The latter claims that North Korea has around 20 to 60 nuclear bombs, and has also succeeded in making bacteriological weapons from anthrax. FYI, one kilogram of anthrax is enough to kill 50,000 people. One way for Kim Jong-Un to dissuade other heads of state from demanding regime change in his country. The US military further estimates that North Korea has sufficient capacity to produce 6 new bombs per year.

Kim Jong-un © ITAR TASS

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