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Kim Jong-un: the terrible revelations about the dictator’s secret sex industry

This is the burning case that Kim Jong-un arguably would have preferred had never been unearthed. According to information reported by the Express, for many years, long before he came to power, dictators in North Korea used young women to satisfy their sexual urge. Kim Il-sung and his son, Kim Jong-il, were the main beneficiaries. North Korea expert Chris Mikul said they felt it was “their right to deflower the prettiest girls in the country.” They continued to do so for years “on an industrial scale”. So in the 1950s a special unit was set up under the name The Joy Brigade. It was intended to spot young girls in all countries under these criteria: “pretty, no more than 5 feet 4 inches tall, and have a soft voice and no scars.”

While it was thought that this group no longer existed, it is quite another since Kim Jong-un reportedly reported to be looking for new recruits, according to a number of reports dating from 2015. While the parents of the youngsters girls were happy to know that they were going to work for the party, they were all unaware of the sexual practices that they also had to provide. Before being married to young men in the country’s Workers’ Party, the parents of young girls were compensated with “material benefits”.

Kim Jong-Un has always been very firm against the use of sex workers

As this case shivers down the spine and infuriates North Korea, Kim Jong-un ordered the execution of six people linked to a high-profile prostitution ring made up of prominent university students a few days ago . A strong stand against the use of sex workers by the elite that is the opposite of the burning report that has been made public.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un © ITAR TASS

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