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Kim Jong-un alongside his ex: his wife has been missing for nine months

But where did Ri Jol-su go? Kim Jong-un’s wife has not been seen in public for several months now, raising suspicions about a possible hidden pregnancy. Speculations that are increasingly heard as the North Korean leader was recently seen alongside his ex-girlfriend, singer Hyon Song-wol. Indeed, it was during a military parade that the latter was seen escorting dignitaries to their seats to attend the parade, and handing flowers to Kim Jong-un, a role usually performed by the dictator’s sister. , Kim Jong-yo, says The Express.

An appearance to say the least astonishing, as Kim Jong-un’s sister made her big comeback on October 2 to visit a border village ravaged by floods when she had not appeared for the month July. Regarding Ri Jol-su, this absence, always very noticed, is not however a first. Indeed, it is not uncommon for the wife of the North Korean dictator to be eclipsed for long months, especially when she is pregnant. Already in 2016, she disappeared from public life for nine months, just before giving birth to the couple’s third child.

Kim Jong-un’s private life kept secret

If these rumors remain for the time being mere speculation since no official pregnancy has been announced, Pyongyang makes a point of maintaining the great vagueness around the life of its leader, whose even his date of birth is unknown. not known. Thus, if we know that the couple has already had three children, it is through the South Korean intelligence services, the NIS. After getting married to Ri Sol-ju in 2009, Kim Jong-un would have become a father for the first time in 2010, then in 2013 and finally in 2017.

Kim Jong-Un and his wife Ri Sol-Ju © Aflo

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