Since the onset of the health crisis, Kim Glow has firmly opposed government decisions. While the reality TV star is blessed with good health, her mother, who has suffered from cancer for many years, is not. Last April, she made a donation of hair. On Instagram, it was by unveiling a cliché at the hairdresser that she had unveiled: “My little mother, three years already that you are fighting against this fucking disease. You are so brave, I am so proud of you. I make a symbolic donation of 12 cm of my hair to make a wig that I hope will bring a smile to a brave woman like you. ”

While her mother regularly visits the hospital for chemotherapy sessions, she is now required to take a negative PCR test before returning home. A new measure that particularly annoys Kim Glow. Angry, the pretty brunette explained on Instagram: “I’m very upset. My mom has to do chemo on Wednesday. To enter the hospital, they ask her for a PCR test. I want to break everything. Not only , she is going to be treated, she is going to have her chemo, but in addition, we ask her to do a test. There, we are not even in a film, we are not in the turfu there. world of shit, in a world of soft balls in fact. Basically, to do your chemo, you need the PCR test or you won’t be cured. Basically, if you don’t have that, we’ll let you die. shocked and very upset. ”

Kim Glow is against the health pass

If her mother will have to comply with the new measures of the government, Kim Glow revealed last July that she would no longer go to places of leisure and culture bringing together more than fifty people. Against the sanitary pass, the pretty brunette had explained: “I will not go to the restaurant, I will order on Uber. I will not go to a nightclub, I will party at home. I will not go to the museum, I will watch the History channel. I won’t go to a concert, I prefer to listen to music at home. Don’t give a fuck about their health pass. Freedom or nothing! ”

Kim Glow © Instagram

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