It’s no secret that our celebrity friends have helped democratize cosmetic surgery. Like influencers today, several stars of the 1980s and 1990s used the scalpel to erase what they thought were physical flaws. Swollen cheekbones, smoothed wrinkles, retouched nose, luscious mouth… we have lost count of the number of people who have been on the pool table. And if sometimes these cosmetic surgery operations go unnoticed, others on the other hand burst their eyes.

Most recent example? That of Madonna, who appears with a completely transformed face on social networks for some time. The star has also responded to comments about her appearance, accusing them of “ageism and misogyny”, while insisting that any “distortion” of her face on screen was the result of a camera. long-term goal. Madonna is the latest in a long line of stars accused of going under the knife and going too far.

Donatella Versace and Mickey Rourke abused it

Before her, there was notably Mickey Rourke, whose appearance was completely changed after his visits to the cosmetic surgery clinic. We can also mention Meg Ryan or Courtney Love, whose faces are still as young as ever. Donatella Versace, like them, has also touched up her face several times to keep her eternal youth. It was also the choice of Courteney Cox or Jennifer Grey. Discover their transformations in our slideshow.

Kim Basinger, Madonna, Meg Ryan, Donatella Versace… These stars transformed after surgery

Kim Basinger, Madonna, Meg Ryan © Bestimage

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