Khloé Kardashian: what she thinks about the feud between Tristan Thompson and Lamar Odom

Khloé Kardashian continues to be very present on social networks and does not stop commenting. Tristan Thompson and Lamar Odom, two ex of Khloé clashed on Instagram through comments and posts. A source close to Khloe claims that she “thinks Lamar and Tristan’s blog comments were childish” and that “she hates that they acted publicly like this, but she also laughed well.”

On Friday, July 9, Khloé Kardashian shared a photo of herself in a bikini taking an outdoor shower. The photo ignited the social network, but above all made his two exes react in a completely unexpected way. Tristan and Lamar fought for Khloé in the comments.

“Two red heart emojis and two slobber emojis”

As a reminder, the NBA star continues to show his love for Khloé in public despite their separation in June. Tristan reacted first with two heart emoji and two very eloquent slobbery emoji. Very soon thereafter, Lamar responded with “the” Hottie message and two flame emojis, as well as two heart eye emojis and two loving face emojis.

Following this, Tristan addressed Lamar warning him, “God brought you back the first time. Play if you want, the results are different.” According to what the source told E! News, Tristan is said to be desperately in love with Khloé and that he wants to return with her.

Khloe Kardashian © FAMEFLYNET

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