For several months now, many fans have criticized Khloe Kardashian for her “excessive” use of photoshop in her photos. Fans would blame her for “editing” and “filtering” her videos and photos on social media to “change her face” and alter her body shape according to The Sun. Critics that would have mostly reached Kris Jenner, his mother. For once, she decided to respond to these criticisms by praising her daughter. Moreover, she took the time to write a long tribute to her elder sister.

In this tribute, she testifies above all her gratitude for her daughter who would have always been present for the family. Especially during her sister Kim Kardashian’s debut as the host of Saturday Night Live. In fact, when Kim began to play the role of guest in the long-term sketch series, Kris and Khloe did not fail to support her. Moreover, the two women even appeared in the sketch over the weekend. The 65-year-old momager then shared behind-the-scenes photos at SNL where she is seen with Khloe preparing to make their appearances. Recall that Kris Jenner appeared fully dressed in black and Khloe in a tight red dress.

Khloé Kardashian: a total photoshoot of her look!

As she strolled the halls of the show, Khloe did a full photoshoot in her tight look. Which will give even more material to those who criticize her to modify her photos. Either way, her mother, Kris, wanted to send a message of public love to her daughter.

“I just wanted to give a post of love and appreciation to my gorgeous daughter Khloé for being the most amazing, most uplifting, happiest, most positive, most amazing cheerleader I have ever seen. “, wrote the matriarch. “There’s not a day that goes by that Khloé isn’t still on our family group text encouraging us, inspiring us and uplifting us all to be the best we can be,” he said. -she adds.

Khloe Kardashian © Instagram

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