Revealed in the Bref series alongside Kyan Khojandi, Kheiron has now become a recognized actor and director. On stage, the comedian has often used his personal injuries to fuel his shows. In 2013, he told Liberation that he had experienced a terrible ordeal.

After his marriage to a young woman, the first “which turned his mind upside down”, Kheiron experienced “the worst drama of his life”. His wife got pregnant, but her pregnancy did not come to an end. A test that the couple did not manage to overcome together, since shortly after, they divorced. The comedian’s plans to start a family collapsed.

Kheiron used his pain to make his audience laugh

But rather than mourn his fate, Kheiron decided to stand up and use his grief to make people laugh. “One night I made a joke on it,” he recalls. “It made me feel good. I kept it in the show just for that.” An outlet that allowed him to put this tragedy behind him. “Cured” of his wounds, the actor had specified that he now wanted to find a woman “smart, intelligent and beautiful, even in twenty years”, to occupy with him his “too large apartment”.

Very discreet about his private life, Kheiron does not let a lot of information filter out on social networks. Last I heard, the artist was in a relationship with the actress Leïla Boumedjane, seen in the films Mauvaises Herbes, directed by Kheiron.

Kheiron © Giancarlo Gorassini

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