Thursday, May 26, Kevin Spacey was charged with four sexual assaults on three men, between 2005 and 2013: “The CPS has authorized criminal proceedings against Kevin Spacey, 62, for four counts of sexual assault against three men”, has announced the head of the special crimes division of the CPS (Crown prosecution service) in a press release.

Kevin Spacey accused by three men, including one twice

Other charges continue to weigh on the former headliner of the series House of Cards, which had been filmed by one of its plaintiffs. The head of the CPS’s Special Crimes Division gave more information on these ancillary cases, which follow several pieces of evidence collected as part of an investigation: “He was also charged with inducing a person to participate to penetrative sexual activity without his consent,” she added.

Among the four counts are two indictments involving the same victim, with facts that allegedly occurred in 2005. Three years later, Kevin Spacey allegedly had a second victim, the third indictment, which he allegedly pushed to have non-consensual intercourse with penetration.

Kevin Spacey dismissed from his first role and ordered to pay damages

As for the fourth indictment, it relates to facts which allegedly occurred in April 2013, in a town in the south-west of the United Kingdom. It was following several complaints, filed near the theater where he was artistic director, that Kevin Spacey ended up being the subject.

The accusations against Kevin Spacey had been made public in the media, following the #MeToo wave in the world of cinema. Following these testimonies, the actor had lost his first role in House of cards. He had been ordered to pay 31 million euros in damages to MRC, the company producing the series, because of the losses caused by the scandal.

Kevin Spacey: the actor charged with sexual assault on three men © Agence

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