Kevin Spacey accused of sexual assault: this too well kept secret that can save him a conviction

In October 2017, an earthquake shook Hollywood when Kevin Spacey, one of the most prominent American actors in recent years, was accused of sexual assault by actor Anthony Rapp and then by other people. People who worked on the House of Cards series, which revived Kevin Spacey’s career, also denounced his “toxic” behavior on the set of the Netflix production. In January 2018 and then in September 2020, new complaints were filed against him for the same reason. Fired from House of Cards, he was digitally replaced by another actor in the film All the Money in the World and has not appeared onscreen since.

Judged for different facts in England and the United States, Kevin Spacey could benefit from a dismissal across the Atlantic. Indeed, he is accused by Anthony Rapp but also by an anonymous man whose initials we only know, “C.D.”. The Deadline website explains that on May 3, Judge Lewis Kaplan, who is in charge of this case, refused to allow C.D. to keep his identity a secret. He therefore has ten days to file a complaint under his real name, but his lawyers have already announced to the judge that C.D. “is not psychologically capable of doing that and that he was going to withdraw his complaint”. Still according to Deadline, the fact that this complaint is withdrawn would save Kevin Spacey $ 40 million in damages and repairs.

Kevin Spacey: the complaint of one of his accusers may not succeed

In making this decision, Judge Kaplan would have relied on the fact that C.D. had already told many people about this story. He wrote in a report that “the evidence suggests that C.D. consciously took the risk that people he spoke to might reveal his identity. He made severe accusations and therefore put his credibility on the line.” Lawyers for CD and Anthony Rapp had reported that “Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted Mr. Rapp and another man when they were fourteen. Mr. Spacey’s conduct was not only improper, it was a crime. This trial sends a strong message: no matter how rich or famous you are, we are never above the law. ” Even if this complaint could therefore not succeed, Kevin Spacey can still be sentenced by an English court on different charges.

Kevin Spacey © Zuma Press

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