Kevin Costner fans will be in front of their televisions this Tuesday, April 26. NRJ 12 offers, in the first part of the evening, from 9:10 p.m., the rebroadcast of Waterworld. If the American star has a rich career, he is also very busy in his personal life. Kevin Costner is, in fact, at the head of a tribe of seven children. Annie (38), Lily (35) and Joe (34) he had with his first wife, Cindy Silva, whom he had met on the benches of the university. But in 1994, after 16 years of marriage, the couple decided to separate. After his divorce, the actor has a short relationship with Bridget Rooney, with whom he will have a boy named Liam, now 26 years old.

After four children, Kevin Costner does not want to have more. But that’s without counting on his meeting with Christine Baumgartner to whom he passed the ring on his finger in 2004. A marriage that could have ended if the director of Dances with Wolves had not reconsidered his positions. “She said to me, ‘I’m going to wait, but not for long. When you come to your senses, come back.’ And that’s what I did,” he explained in the columns of the American magazine Parade. Kevin Costner’s doubts were mainly related to his experience: “I was simply scared. My divorce was an extremely painful period and I especially did not want to relive that,” he said. And to conclude: “I understood that in love, you could never have a guarantee. And that you can’t lead your life with fear in your stomach.” The lovers then started a family. Together, they are the proud parents of three children, two sons and a daughter: Cayden (14 years old), Hayes (13 years old) and Grace (11 years old).

Kevin Costner completely fulfilled in his role as the father of seven children

A choice that the father of the family absolutely does not regret today. “My children prevent me from growing old,” he admitted in an interview with Gala in 2014. If his children have a big age difference, it does not seem to bother the actor at all. “I’m very happy with the relationship I have with my elders (…) Obviously, I would have liked to share more with them. I tried to do it (…) I don’t think I missed any important moment in their lives. In fact, I had more doubts about my ability to become a father again with my second wife. I was afraid of not having the same energy”, explained the interpreter of the guard of the body, Frank Farmer, in Bodyguard.

Kevin Costner © Patrice Lapoirie

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