Kendall Jenner has been single for a few months. Her long-term relationship with Devin Booker is said to have come to an end, after two years of romance. The top model would no longer be alone. According to the American press, she would have already found love in the arms of a certain Bad Bunny. A superstar of the Latino scene.

Kendall Jenner was reportedly spotted dining with Bad Bunny, Justin and Hailey Bieber this Saturday in Beverly Hills. Kim Kardashian’s sister would have come out through the front door and Bad Bunny would have come out a little later through a hidden door at the back of the establishment. According to another source, the duo was spotted kissing languidly in a Los Angeles nightclub one evening. Who is he ?

Bad Bunny, star of music and soon of cinema?

Bad Bunny is from Puerto Rico. The artist is 28 years old – he is a year older than Kendall Jenner. Born into a modest, Catholic family, he began writing his songs at the age of 14. The raggaeton and Latin trap singer exploded around the world with his hit Callaíta, released in 2019. He sings a duet with Drake on the dance-sounding hit Mia. The following year, he signed Dákiti with Jhay Cortez. In 2021, he signed a duet with the flamenco star, Rosalia: La noche de anoche.

In 2022, he had his first film role, in the film Bullet Train, with Brad Pitt. At the beginning of February, the Grammy Awards 2023 ceremony takes place. Bad Bunny is nominated in the category “Album of the year”. A first: this is the first time that an album performed in Spanish is in the running for the prize. A success – even if it was Harry Styles who won the prize – that he can share with his entourage … and perhaps Kendall Jenner?

Kendall Jenner: who is Bad Bunny, the man with whom she would be in a relationship?

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny © BEST IMAGE

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