Kendall Jenner: pregnant and engaged? She reveals everything in a video

This whole story started with a joke from Kendall Jenner to her mother Kris Jenner. Indeed, the model would have contacted the matriarch telling her that she may be pregnant. “So I have a script, I haven’t had my period for a little while and I was supposed to have it last week so I was a little nervous and did a random test,” begins Kendall on the call. “And he came back positive, so I took another one and that one came back positive as well and I’m literally about to cry,” she continued.

Remember that Kendall is the only member of the family not yet having children. It is therefore quite normal to expect reactions following this revelation. If Kris Jenner shared a dream where she saw her pregnant daughter, Kendall still continued the joke with “Really? I’m freaking a little. I don’t know what to do.”

“The family is not fooled”

If her mother believed the joke, Kendall couldn’t hold back her laughter and thus reveal the deception. Kris Jenner then calmly retorted that she was going to put the champagne back in the ice. Kourtney still challenged Kendall to go even further. Thus, the latter had confessed to her family, in a discussion group, that she was engaged.

Unfortunately for the model, none of her sisters believed it. It was Kylie Jenner who called first to say the joke was being led by someone else. Kim Kardashian also hung up the call to show that she didn’t believe it. It was the same for Khloé who was not particularly happy with the joke.

Kendall Jenner © Chris Delmas

Kendall Jenner © Chris Delmas
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