Kendall Jenner celebrates one year of relationship with sweetheart on Instagram

It’s been a year and Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker love each other. In this month of June 2021, two lovebirds celebrate their first year of relationship. To celebrate this pretty milestone, Kendall Jenner grabbed her Instagram account on Saturday June 12 and shared an adorable post. The 25-year-old has posted several photos of her and her darling, very accomplices and overflowing with love: sometimes snuggling up against each other in a private jet, sometimes playing with a dog, a romantic trip or a hug.

The basketball player also celebrated their first year of love on his own Instagram account. Devin Booker also posted pictures of him and his sweetheart, with the number “365” for their number of days and “52” for their number of weeks. One last photo posted was certainly taken on their anniversary day. We see a one-to-one dinner table with a sublime sunset in the background. The 24-year-old NBA player simply wrote the symbolic number “1” in the caption. A year of love then.

When did Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker formalize their relationship?

It was in April 2020 that the supermodel and Devin Booker were spotted together for the first time. The two lovebirds were photographed during a road trip from Los Angeles to Arizona. It was only several months later, in February 2021, that the couple formalized their relationship, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. It must be said that this is the first time that Kendall Jenner appears so lovingly and publicly with a man. Last April, relatives of Kim Kardashian’s half-sister opened up about the relationship to E! News: “Kendall has never been happier. It’s more and more serious and she’s very happy. Devin is low-key and not interested in fame. It’s something she really enjoys about him and who attracts him, “we learned from a source, who ended by emphasizing that the two lovebirds have” a lot of things in common “.

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker © Instagram

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