Kelly Osbourne: the star reveals the secret of her spectacular weight loss

Sober for two years, Kelly Osbourne wanted to regain control in 2020. For the American magazine People, she indeed revealed: “2019 was a hell (…) I understood that I was constantly passing the needs of others before my own needs. 2020 will be my year !!! ” While taking care of herself, the 35-year-old star managed to lose no less than 40 pounds! His secret: sport, a healthy and balanced diet, but also a gastric sleeve operation. Guest on the Hollywood Raw podcast, Kelly Osbourne explained, “They gave me injections in my jaw. It made her skinnier. That’s when people started to notice that I really had lost weight, because it changed the shape of everything. ”

For two years, Kelly Osbourne played sports to find out if she was able to lose weight. However, she has passed the course of the operation, and claims it: “I don’t give a fuck what anybody has to say. I did it, I’m proud of it, they can go and make themselves. Fuck. I did the gastric sleeve. All it does is change the shape of your stomach. I had this almost two years ago. I will never, never, never lie about it . This is the best thing I have ever done. “She then explained that the gastric sleeve is not a gastric bypsass:” If you don’t exercise and eat properly, you gain weight. (…) So whoever is considering doing something like that, really think about it. I had to do a year of independent therapy to prepare for the surgery before I even had it. What people don’t realize not, is that this hormone suppresses this hormone which, if you have addiction problems, stops your urge to smoke and prevents you from eating emotionally, which is a huge problem. e for me. I was sober before, it helped me, I don’t want alcohol at all. This is all a push in the right direction. It doesn’t solve all of your problems. It is not a quick fix. ”

“It’s the best revenge”

As she takes an interest in cinema again, Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter revealed that she would only work with people who enjoy her with or without the extra pounds: “In retrospect, I know exactly who with I’m gonna work and who I’m not gonna do it with. Because I know who called me fat, I know who didn’t want to work with me. I know exactly who said it. My skin is tough , but I take this, and I put it in my memory bank. I remember what you said about me, and it’s the best revenge. ”

Kelly Osbourne © Instagram

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