Katy Perry young mother: she displays her sheath under a very glamorous look (VIDEO)

For four months, the lives of Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry have been turned upside down. Both became parents for the first time, on the night of August 25 to 26. It was on the Unicef ​​Instagram account that the couple announced the birth of their little girl. The 35-year-old American singer and 43-year-old British actor have decided to name their child Daisy Dove Bloom; “daisy” meaning “daisy” in English. This pretty name, Katy Perry had already chosen months in advance because it has a very important meaning for her.

So it’s been four months since Katy Perry gave birth, and obviously the young mother has a little beauty secret to keep her figure as before! This Sunday, December 6, the singer posted a video of her on TikTok with a slimming girdle. Dressed in a very glamorous blue vinyl trench coat, Katy Perry walks in front of the camera of her cell phone, with a confident step, and suddenly lifts her trench coat which hides a flesh-colored sheath from the Spanx brand. As always, Katy Perry does not lack humor, and helps other women to overcome their complexes!

Parents with overflowing imaginations

On October 28, the couple of young parents shared an adorable video for their daughter on social networks. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have hijacked a famous lullaby to call on the American people to vote on November 3 for the presidential election. The visibly very imaginative couple specially invented a song, dedicated to their little girl. “It’s for future generations, besides this little song will be for Daisy Dove,” says Orlando Bloom. And for good reason, the happy dad who is British could not vote, and therefore asked his subscribers to go to the polls “for [his] Daisy Dove”.

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