Katy Perry: why Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are in her photo album

It’s not just fans who are thrilled with Bennifer’s return! The stars are also delighted by the flashback between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Like Katy Perry. In recent days, it is in Venice that the singer has put down her suitcases with Orlando Bloom and their daughter, Daisy Dove. After walking through the picturesque alleys of the romantic city and enjoying a gondola ride, Katy Perry obviously shared some snaps on her Instagram account. In a slideshow, the singer posed in a lovely yellow dress in front of the canals and then immortalized some of the activities the couple enjoyed in Italy. And in the middle of these pictures, a funny photo surprised his fans …

And for good reason: it was a snapshot of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez kissing! A funny wink that made Katy Perry fans laugh. For weeks, the two ex kept the blur on the nature of the relationship by going on vacation to Montana, then to Miami, away from prying eyes. After weeks of rumors, the two comedians confirmed to be a couple again with a very intimate gesture. The lovers were seen in full languid kiss, seated at the luxurious Japanese restaurant Nobu in Malibu for the birthday of J-Lo’s sister. And those close to the singer are in heaven. Especially his mother. “Guadalupe adores Ben. She was sad when they couldn’t fix things several years ago,” a relative told the American media.

What does Alex Rodriguez think of it?

“In the past, Jennifer and Ben’s mother were very close. Jennifer is very close to her mother. It is very important to her that the person she is with, gets along with her mother,” added this source. But if J-Lo’s family is delighted, this is not really the case with Alex Rodriguez, the ex-fiancé of the lady. According to the Daily Mail, he would even be flabbergasted by this backlash. As a reminder, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez lived a beautiful love story in the 2000s. The two met on the set of the movie Gigli. After an engagement in 2002, they announced their breakup in 2004, explaining that over-media coverage and harassment of photographers had ruined their relationship. For years, they continued to have a beautiful relationship … which turned into love!

Katy Perry © Backgrid UK

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