This is a video that has already made the rounds on social networks. Last weekend, Katy Perry was in concert in Las Vegas. And a few hours after the show ended, an intriguing video was posted on TikTok. On this one, already viewed tens of millions of times, we see the 38-year-old singer, facing her audience, motionless, her right eye seeming to close against her will. Visibly taken spasms, the companion of Orlando Bloom fails to keep his eye open, so much so that on several occasions, she uses her fingers to reopen it, before it closes again on its own.

Upon discovering these images, Internet users were quick to express their concern. Some were still ironic about the situation and considered that it could be a robot. “I believe the Katy Perry robot is malfunctioning,” wrote one TikTok user, for example. But this eye failure could actually be linked to much more down-to-earth concerns.

Whats happening

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Katy Perry victim of a “lazy eye”?

Among the theories that have emerged, netizens have indicated that it could be a problem with the glue of his false eyelashes. Others have speculated that Katy Perry may have suffered a stroke or facial paralysis. For the time being, the singer has not yet spoken on the subject, but in 2016 she confided to an American Idol candidate that she suffered from amblyopia in her right eye, also called “lazy eye”. When the latter had asked him “on which side”, the interpreter of Roar had indicated the right eye, that is to say the same as that concerned in the video of his concert in Las Vegas.

Images reminiscent of Justin Bieber’s facial paralysis

This eye problem is also reminiscent of the health concerns faced by Justin Bieber for several months. Last June, the Canadian singer announced that he suffered from Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a rare neurological disorder paralyzing one side of the face caused by a reactivation of the chicken pox or shingles virus. “I have this syndrome called Ramsay Hunt syndrome and it was this virus that attacked the nerves in my ear and my facial nerves and caused paralysis in my face.” he explained in a video posted on Instagram and where we discovered his eye closing on its own: “As you can see, this eye (the right eye) cannot blink, I cannot smile on this part of the face”. A crippling health condition that prompted the 28-year-old pop star to cancel her concerts until she gets better.

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Katy Perry victim of worrying eye spasms in the middle of a concert, these maddening images

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