Katy Perry engaged to Orlando Bloom: she confides heartily on the difficulties they had to face

Pregnant with her first child, Katy Perry is radiant. If the 35-year-old singer is now very happy alongside her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, she confides today that their couple has experienced ups and downs. Indeed, if the duo is about to say ‘yes’, they had separated in March 2017 for nearly a year. A blow for the one who officiates as a judge on the American Idol show, who had then had suicidal thoughts. On CBC radio, Katy Perry revealed a few weeks ago that “gratitude” had probably “saved her life.” She explained, “If I hadn’t found her, I would have wallowed in my own sadness and probably would have jumped.”

On the cover of the latest issue of the American magazine People, Katy Perry looked back on the start of her relationship with Orlando Bloom, revealing that their breakup was necessary for them to be stronger together: “This is really a journey. individual that makes it all better. We both had to decide to take this trip separately because it’s not my half and half that make it all together. It is my wholeness and her integrity that makes it all happen . ” While in her new track Champagne Problems, she sings about overcoming their most difficult times, she explains, “It’s a song that really speaks to the intensity of how many things we had to go through. Yes, we have problems. Everyone faces challenges in a relationship. If it’s a real relationship, it’s going to challenge you to give your best. I really understand what Justin Timberlake is saying, ‘ You are my mirror ‘because it is true. They conjure up all of those things that you can’t really see about yourself. ”

“We went through hell”

Today, Katy Perry assures that she and her fiancé, Orlando Bloom have found a stability which has become the basis of their relationship: “It’s an endless evolution (…) It’s good to have been able to showing ourselves all the good and bad and fighting to be the best versions of ourselves. Now we’re kidding, like, yes we still have issues to sort out (…) But we’ve been through hell. ” As they prepare to welcome their baby girl in the next few weeks, the singer adds that they continue to learn in order to grow together: “Of course you admire someone who usually has features you want. I want to be more spiritual and more focused, and that is him. He wants to be more organized and more good at seeing the big picture. These are things we really want to learn from each other. ”

Katy Perry engaged to Orlando Bloom: she confides with an open heart about the difficulties they had to face © Instagram

Katy Perry engaged to Orlando Bloom: she confides with an open heart about the difficulties they had to face © Instagram
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