Katie Holmes: this rare confidence about her confinement with her daughter Suri

When it comes to her daughter, Katie Holmes prefers not to confide too much. Born in the limelight, Suri Cruise is however since the divorce of her parents very preserved of the celebrity by her famous mother, who prefers to see her grow up in the greatest discretion. Favorite of the photographers who immortalize him regularly in the streets of New York, the ex-star of Dawson does not generally like answering the questions which one asks him about his teenager of 14 years. Except on a few occasions, as in the columns of the Daily Telegraph, relayed by the Daily Mail, where she made a little confidence about her daily life with her daughter during confinement.

“I like to keep her out of my interviews, but I will say that this quarantine period has been a lesson”, begins Katie Holmes, and continues: “You just have to look at everything you have and celebrate the simplicity of preparing dinner and [spending] this time together, “she said, referring to the time spent with her daughter Suri, adding that this confinement in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic made her revise her vision of the life. “When I think about my life, I feel blessed. I feel very lucky and I rely a lot on my instincts, but I also forgive myself for my mistakes,” she explained, philosopher.

Suri Cruise “got very strong”

While she is now raising her daughter alone, Katie Holmes is full of admiration for her daughter, whom she defines as “very focused and hardworking” and with whom she shares a beautiful bond. “I love her so much. My biggest goal has always been to nurture her in her individuality as a person. To make sure that she is 100% herself and strong, confident and capable. And that she knows all that. She’s become very strong, she always had a strong personality. She will choose an activity and will work hard until she is really strong in it. […] Then then she will say: ‘Ok, I’m going to try one next thing to do’ “, she confided last March.

Exclusive – Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise take their dogs for a walk in New York on the 9th © The ImageDirect / Bestimage

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