The Y2K trend (understand “year 2000”) continues to make followers in the fashion sphere. You know that fashion is just an eternal recycling of past trends which are then brought up to date by a generation too young to have experienced it for the first time, before conquering the world. This is exactly what has been happening for some time with the Y2K trend, namely the return of the looks seen in the 2000s. If generation Z takes pleasure in wearing wedge sneakers, girly tank tops and butterfly clips, older people are more cautious about the return of this tendency inherent in their younger years. The fashionistas of previous generations were not particularly unhappy to leave behind them the heeled flip-flop, the thin scarf or even the low-waisted cut, which is why, chilly, they acclimatize with apprehension to this questionable renaissance.

Katie Holmes back in the 2000s

Some, however, seem to take the plunge more easily than their comrades, like Katie Holmes who, on Friday December 9, made a rather impressive demonstration of the Y2K trend. Satin bustier with an undecided length, – between long top and short dress -, characteristic of this convoluted period, baggy jeans and sneakers to temper the chic side of the corset…everything was there. And as if to further support this return to the past, the actress seemed curiously rejuvenated. Was it due to her nose piercing, a good day cream or just that very Nickelodeon style? Hard to say. Be that as it may, we no longer knew how to tell the difference between 2022 and 2004.

Katie Holmes surprises: in jeans, sneakers and piercings on the red carpet, her old-fashioned look is causing a sensation

Katie Holmes © Zuma Press

Maria T.
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