Katie Holmes in love: she formalizes her relationship with Emilio Vitolo Jr

Katie Holmes celebrated her 42nd birthday this Friday, December 18th. For the occasion, the American actress received many messages that she shared in her Instagram story throughout the day. One of them stood out, that of Emilio Vitolo Jr, with whom rumors of a relationship emerged last September. If nothing had been formalized so far, the ex-girlfriend of Jamie Foxx took advantage of her day to confirm her relationship. The post she shared in her Instagram story refers to the one published by the 33-year-old cook in which we can see a photo of the couple all smiles. In black and white, the photo shows Katie Holmes, sitting on Emilio Vitolo Jr’s lap, who looks visibly very happy. The caption accompanying this post: “The most amazing, kindest, most beautiful person. Every time I see your face it makes me smile. Happy birthday !!! I love you !!” confirms a romantic relationship in which happiness is present. A lovely message to which Katie Holmes wished to reply: “Thank you very much my love. I love you too”.

As a reminder, rumors indicating that Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr were in a relationship had emerged last September. In fact, photos of the couple kissing had been made public on September 1. So the young man broke up with his 24-year-old fiancee Rachel Emmons. A relative of the 42-year-old actress had claimed that Katie “had nothing to do with their separation which happened only because they were unhappy”. A few weeks later, it is a source close to the two lovebirds who had told People magazine that they talk nonstop. “Emilio is very charming, affectionate. It’s easy to see how Katie fell in love with him. She keeps texting Emilio all day and he loves it,” the source explained.

A couple already very close

If Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr took a few months to formalize their relationship, it seems that the couple is already very close. Indeed, The Mirror explained that the 33-year-old cook “practically lives in Katie’s apartment” and that plans for the future have already emerged. “They are already talking about moving in together,” the newspaper said. In addition, if Katie Holmes is already a mom, this is not the case of Emilio Vitolo Jr who “wants to become a dad and have children with Katie”, reports The Mirror. A desire that seems to be shared since, according to the newspaper: “Even if it’s early, Katie is 100% in agreement to have a baby with him”.

Katie Holmes © STARMAX

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