Katherine Schwarzenegger: why she won’t reveal her daughter’s face

Eight months ago, Katherine Schwarzenegger became a mother for the first time. Mom filled, the wife of Chris Pratt has never revealed the face of her daughter, and does not intend to do so anytime soon! Guest on the Today show, the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver explained, “Obviously I didn’t grow up with social media so it’s a little different that way just because I feel like we share so much in the world today. But I think one of the greatest gifts my parents ever gave to me and to my siblings is the gift of privacy and to have a really normal education, or as normal an education as possible. “

Grateful, the 31-year-old explained: “We had a really normal and magical childhood, and we were allowed to be kind of our own person, to have our own identity and to choose to become public figures when we felt comfortable. It was such an amazing gift to have given us this when we were kids. ” Finally, Katherine Schwarzenegger added: “It’s something that is really important for my husband and I to be able to give to our children and to be able to have that privacy, and not necessarily to show so many of them on social media. All four of us kids would say it’s such an amazing thing that our parents gave us, so I want to be able to give it to our baby too. “

A first name has special meaning

As the star named her daughter Lyla Maria, she clarified, “We didn’t know if it was going to be a boy or a girl, so I always knew I wanted to incorporate my mom’s name if it was a girl. little girl because I’m Katherine Eunice, so I’m named after my grandmother (Eunice Kennedy Shriver, editor’s note) So I definitely wanted to continue this tradition, but I think she was very pleasantly surprised by the last name.” Confident about her life as a mom, the pretty brunette assured: “It’s the best thing in the world. I love every minute of motherhood so far, and I feel really blessed and really lucky because it is. is such a happy and easy baby. “

Katherine Schwarzenegger © FAMEFLYNET

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