A sordid case in the case… In April 2019, William Warrington received a restraining order from a court after a complaint from Kate Moss. The now 42-year-old had harassed the former model for years and left several items, including a cake and a First World War helmet, outside his Cotswold home. A few months later he was arrested for attacking his housemate and then sent to Wotton Lawn Psychiatric Hospital in Gloucester. It was from there that he fled, managed to get into a taxi to go to his mother. After breaking in while she slept, William Warrington attacked her with a knife, slit her throat before going to his father’s house a few miles away.

At Cheltenham he also stabbed his father to death. William Warrington was arrested shortly after, telling police he had decided to kill his parents after believing he had received messages from the government, the secret service and Vladimir Putin. The man had been receiving treatment for mental health issues since 2016 deemed insufficient by his family. His relatives would have tried to warn the authorities that he represented a danger to them and to others. Just hours before she was killed, Ms Warrington emailed: “I fear for my safety, that of my other children and anyone else he comes into contact with.” This Tuesday, November 15, William Warrington admitted the facts was sentenced to life for the murders of his parents.

“The pain of losing our parents is immeasurable”

In a statement read to the court, her family said they were disappointed by mental health shortcomings and repeatedly tried to raise the alarm with police and health services. “In the weeks leading up to the tragedy, our fears for the safety of the family were communicated to the emergency services, Gloucestershire Police, Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust, we learned. The pain of losing our parents is immeasurable and we will carry it every day for the rest of our lives.We will forever be affected by the dramatic nature and preventable circumstances that we have been told will be subject to thorough investigation by an official inquiry.”

Kate Moss' stalker admits brutally killing her own parents in court

Kate Moss’ stalker © Pexel

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