Kate Middleton with heart in hand: she asked the volunteers to call her Catherine

A princess without fuss. It’s no secret that Kate Middleton is a normal Duchess. Future monarch who is keen to represent the British Crown, the wife of Prince William nevertheless likes to live a simple and basic daily life. For example, it is not rare to see her at the supermarket with her children. A behavior hailed by the British, delighted to be able to count on an accessible crowned head. Very committed to health, Kate Middleton has been keen to be useful since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. As The Sun claims, she secretly volunteered, including making phone calls to 85-year-old full-time caregiver Len Gardner. And for Kate Middleton, no question of using unnecessary formality. “Call me Catherine,” asked the Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate Middleton and Len Gardner were connected a few months ago through the Royal Volunteer Service. During two long conversations during the first lockdown, George’s mom, Charlotte and Louis chatted with her new friend about making pasta and the passions of her children, who took part in shearing sheep. “Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would talk to the future Queen of England on the phone,” said the Batley resident. “I will cherish our conversations for the rest of my life. ‘helped because they gave me something to look forward to. ” Len Gardner, who suffers from bladder cancer and has had radiation therapy, is a full-time caregiver for his wife Shirley, who has Alzheimer’s disease. Kate Middleton’s first call came on May 13, while the royal family was locked in their estate in Anmer Hall, Norfolk.

“She is a very, very kind person”

Len Gardner, who spent his life working in the textile industry, said: “I was flabbergasted when I found out who was going to call. The first question I asked was, ‘How can I m ‘address to you?’ She said, ‘Call me Catherine. After the first two sentences, I didn’t feel like I was talking to someone so important.’ For long minutes, the two discussed everything and nothing. A way for Kate Middleton to keep in touch with those who were particularly isolated during confinement. “I can tell you, that lady you see on TV going into crowds and talking to people … that’s exactly what she is,” the Duchess’s new friend assured. She’s a person. very, very sweet. The Duke and Duchess are a brilliant couple to do this kind of thing. They seem to really want to touch people. ” After their conversations, Kate Middleton sent him a dough machine and a handwritten letter that he framed in his house.

Kate Middleton © Agency

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