Kate Middleton was present at the Chelsea Flower Show on May 22, 2023
Children asked her for her autograph but she is not allowed to sign her name
The Princess of Wales then came up with a clever solution to remedy this problem

The outings of the royal family are always noticed and that of Kate Middleton on May 22 was no exception, especially since it was a surprise appearance. The Princess of Wales decided to visit the Chelsea Flower Show where around 100 children from different schools were present for the inaugural Children’s Picnic. In this garden of the Royal Society of Entomology, young students were invited to identify the different insects and draw them. Only by seeing Kate Middleton, many especially wanted to have her autograph their works to have a memory of this exceptional meeting.

As People recounts, however, the mother of George, Charlotte and Louis had to decline the signing requests. Indeed according to the Daily Express, members of the royal family are prohibited from signing autographs or simply putting their name on unofficial documents to avoid counterfeits. It is therefore in a slightly simpler way that Kate Middleton explained this prohibition to the children present: “My name is Catherine. I am not allowed to write my signature, it’s just one of those rules “. However, that did not prevent the Princess of Wales from finding another way to leave a memory for those who were lucky enough to be able to speak to her.

Kate Middleton has a clever solution

“I can’t write my name, but I have the right to draw,” she recalled. These are therefore many drawings that Kate Middleton made on the sketches of children’s insects. People says she drew a flower for a 7-year-old girl named Ruby, a tree for another, and even a pond with plants for a third. Something to delight his very young admirers who now have an original memory of their meeting with Kate Middleton. An attitude that goes in line with the behavior of William and Kate who, for some time, have not hesitated to break with tradition to be more modern and closer to the public.

Kate Middleton: why she can't sign autographs and how she gets around this ban

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