This Tuesday, Kate Middleton was out in the city of Leeds for the launch of her Shaping Us campaign, dedicated to the education and development of young children. To meet different organizations related to this field, the Princess of Wales had set her sights on a shiny emerald green Alexander McQueen coat that she had given to her handbag, from the Manu Atelier brand. Regarding the rest of her outfit, Kate Middleton had chosen a long cream cotton dress by Victoria Beckham worth £950, or around €1075. A combination of colors – green and cream – which was reminiscent of the colors chosen for his campaign, and which was probably not a coincidence.

The Duchess had embellished this look with a pair of brown leather boots from the Gianvito Rossi brand, sold at a price of £1,280 (or €1,450), and Shyla London earrings, the price of which is displayed at around €84. . She had already been seen with the latter during a basketball game on November 30, while she was traveling with William in the United States.

Victoria Beckham: is she friends with Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle?

By attending the wedding of Kate and William in 2011, then that of Meghan and Harry in 2018, Victoria Beckham seems to indicate that she is particularly close to the two couples. In 2020, however, as the first tensions appeared publicly within the Fab Four, rumors of a falling out between Meghan Markle and Victoria Beckham also surfaced, notably in the book Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsor, by Tom Bower . He says there that the two women would have argued because Meghan Markle was convinced that Victoria Beckham was spreading her stories to the media. Prince Harry then reportedly called David Beckham to clear things up and ease tensions. Things would be back to normal today.

Kate Middleton very wise in a green coat: discover the price of her Victoria Beckham dress

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