Kate Middleton is one of the most photographed figures in the UK today. But this has not always been the case. Arthur Edwards, the royalty photographer for The Sun newspaper, recently released an old, previously unseen snapshot of Prince William’s wife. A photo that dates from 2005, when the Duchess of Cambridge was still a “shy” student. “I had no idea who she was at all,” he admitted in a Sun article on Thursday, January 6.

In the photo, we discover Kate Middleton, surrounded by a group of friends invited by Prince William to spend the weekend at Sandringham. The young woman is dressed in a relaxed style, with flared jeans, a scarf and a khaki jacket on the shoulders. “You would never have recognized her,” said Arthur Edwards, before adding: “Back then you would never have believed that the young woman who walked through those doors would become our future queen. Kate is now the ultimate. media star. “

Kate Middleton “overcame her shyness”

Six years after this photo, Kate Middleton officially became Duchess of Cambridge by marrying Prince William, was able to assert herself and find a place of choice within the British royal family, as the photographer explained: “She changes, she overcomes her natural shyness and gains confidence. She is intelligent, pays great attention to detail and is never wrong. ” A necessary flawlessness when you become one of the most scrutinized women by the media around the world. “Every time she goes out it ends up in the diary, just like Diana. Diana has been described before as a cross between Cindy Crawford and Mother Teresa, and I’m starting to think the Duchess of Cambridge is in the same mold.” , concluded Anthony Edwards.

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