The crown trembles. These last few days have been very complicated for the British royal family, which has taken the full brunt of the huge buzz around Prince Harry’s memoirs. In addition to this, the Duke of Sussex released a Netflix series with his wife, Meghan Markle, and gave exclusive interviews to several American media. The cup is therefore full for the crown, which is trying somehow not to comment on all of Prince Harry’s statements. But all eyes are logically on the royal family.

It must be said that the Duke of Sussex, exiled on the other side of the Atlantic for almost three years, was unleashed against his entire family. Even Kate Middleton, whom he long considered a big sister, was not spared. Quite the contrary. So, the latter was closely scrutinized by the English tabloids, this Wednesday, January 11, on the occasion of its first release since the publication of Prince Harry’s autobiography.

Kate Middleton appeared very tired on Wednesday

Driving her vehicle, without make-up and her face closed, the mother of Georges, Charlotte and Louis was photographed by The Daily Mail. And the least we can say is that Prince Harry’s wife did not look good, let alone the image she usually sends back. Seemingly very tired and stressed by the latest news rocking her family, Kate Middleton seemed more touched than she let on by the huge buzz surrounding the crown. But make no mistake: that didn’t stop him from celebrating his 41st birthday, which took place at Adelaide Cottage on Monday, January 9. A little bubble of oxygen in these complicated times.

Kate Middleton touched: without makeup, closed eyes… first appearance since the revelations of Prince Harry

Kate Middleton © Agency

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