Kate Middleton: this very meaningful private outing

It was an official release that was close to his heart. This Saturday, March 13, Kate Middleton was in the streets of London for a new outing, very different from her usual because private and unannounced. The Duchess of Cambridge paid a visit to the memorial erected in memory of Sarah Everard, simply accompanied by her safety. The 33-year-old British woman disappeared on March 3 as she walked home. England were shocked to learn that his body was found on Friday March 12.

In the afternoon, Prince William’s wife visited the memorial which stood in the grounds of Clapham Common, not far from Sarah Everard’s home in the Brixton district of London. “She wanted to pay tribute to Sarah and her family,” a royal source told People. “She remembers what it was like to walk around London the night before she was married to Prince William,” the source adds. During her visit, Kate Middleton was spotted leaving flowers on the memorial, reports The Mirror.

Kate Middleton “a little upset” and “quite moved”

The 39-year-old Duchess spent several minutes looking at the many flowers and messages of condolence, displayed on the kiosk at Clapham Common. A witness said Kate Middleton “looked a little upset” and “quite moved” during her solo visit, with many people standing by her side. “There was no fanfare, it was a private matter for her and she wanted to show her unity with all the other like-minded people right now,” a source told the Mirror. No official photo of the Duchess’s exit has been taken.

Moving gesture by the Duchess of Cambridge. #royal https://t.co/zsD3sPAz8R

– Richard Eden (@richardaeden) March 13, 2021
Kate Middleton © Backgrid USA

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