Being a mother of three is not easy. Being a mother of three children and a member of the royal family – in other words governed by a strict protocol and confronted with the eyes of the whole world – let alone. This is why it is necessary to find a decompression valve to lighten his daily life, and that, Kate Middleton understood it well. Indeed, as her dear husband revealed in 2016, the Duchess of Cambridge is particularly fond … of coloring. That year, Prince William met illustrator Johanna Basford at an investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace. The artist, who specializes in adult coloring books, later reported their conversation on Instagram. “He told me that his wife really liked my books. She colors. Kate is one of us!” Exclaimed Johanna Basford. An occupation that makes sense when you know that it is highly appreciated by many adults all over the world. “Coloring is deeply relaxing. We spend so much time on devices and looking at screens, while using your hands and creating beauty, whatever it is, will help you disconnect from it. technology and connect with yourself, ”wellness expert Antonia Harman told OK!

Kate Middleton: her photographic talents observable on Instagram

On the creative side, Kate Middleton is not left out, since the one who studied art history at university is also keen on photography. On the Cambridge official Instagram account, she often exhibits her photos, mainly photos of her children. The most recent dates back to the end of July, for Prince George’s birthday.

Kate Middleton © Agency

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