Kate Middleton attended Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.
It is the behavior of his son Louis, who did not hold in place, which has been much criticized.
The Duchess of Cambridge has provided details about it.

From June 2 to 5, 2022, the United Kingdom honored Elizabeth II on the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee and her 70 years of reign. For several days, many festivities were organized including the Trooping the Color parade, the Epsom Derby, the Big Jubilee Lunch, but also a giant concert taking place in front of Buckingham Palace, and during which the personalities chained themselves . Events that Kate Middleton attended, accompanied by her husband and children. However, it was Prince Louis who stole the show from the whole family. Only 4 years old, the little boy had a lot of trouble staying in place during these celebrations. His behavior was very noticed and the Duchess of Cambridge wished to speak. His remarks were reported by the Daily Express this Sunday, June 12. “You forget how small they are when you see these little shoes and that kind of thing,” she first explained before adding, “I still think Louis is my baby, but that’s a real little boy now”. Even though he is part of the royal family, Prince Louis is only a child.

Prince Louis stole the show as the little boy had a hard time keeping still. During the parade given on Saturday June 4, he stood out in particular because he found the time long. After clowning around with Kate Middleton, he took refuge in the arms of his grandfather, Prince Charles. A few minutes later, he returned to his seat and was having fun with two of his cousins, Mia and Lena Tindall. In The Good, The Bad and The Rugby podcast, their father, Mike Tindall, spoke about this moment and he provided details. “Louis just wanted to have fun with my two daughters, who are very mischievous, so we tried to limit the damage”, he first explained before adding: “There was a lot of candy , so they were excited about the sugar.” Subsequently, Mike Tindall clarified that the event had been very long and that it was difficult for children not to move for several hours. “Staying seated from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. is very long,” he said. Enough to silence the gossips.

Kate Middleton: had she already mentioned the behavior of Prince Louis?

Prince Louis has been talked about a lot. During the parade, which closed the Jubilee of the sovereign, he was seen putting his hand on his mother’s mouth, then chained grimaces and mimicry before daring to stick out his tongue. He is first reframed by Kate Middleton then by Mike Tindall, in vain before taking refuge in the arms of his grandfather, Prince Charles. Moments that have been highly criticized. On their Instagram account, the Cambridges wanted to thank the public for their support while making a small allusion to the behavior of their youngest. “We all had an amazing time, especially Louis,” they wrote at the end of their post.

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