Kate Middleton: this discreet nod to her children in her latest video

Tender attention … Friday, November 27, 2020, Kate Middleton shared the first results of her study on childhood as part of the project 5 big questions on the under-five for the Royal Foundation. Appearing in a video to talk about it, the Duchess of Cambridge winked at her children wearing a gorgeous personalized gold pendant from designer Danielle Draper valued at £ 1,070. On the latter, the initials of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have, in fact, been engraved! In order to put the jewel engraved G, L, C forward, the wife of Prince William had bet on a navy blue suit. A trend that Meghan Markle had already adopted in June 2019 by wearing a silver pendant on which was engraved the first letter of the first name of her son, Archie.

Last September, it was during an outing in Battersea Park, south London, that Kate Middleton had already worn a necklace displaying the initials of her children. In a casual outfit, Prince Harry’s sister-in-law sported a necklace made up of three medals, one for the initials of each of her children! However, the pretty brunette has been wearing personalized jewelry for years! In 2014, Prince William’s wife had already worn a necklace engraved with the name of her eldest son as well as a sublime heart-shaped pendant, engraved with the letter W, for William.

What relationship does Kate Middleton have with her children?

If the Duchess of Cambridge regularly wears sentimental jewelry, especially in connection with her children, it is quite simply because they are her priority. An expert in body language has indeed confirmed that the latter did not care about photographers when she was with her children: “Instead of paying attention to cameras or reporters, Kate communicates with her children in a close way, so that this moment concerns more than their entire family. ” Another expert explained, “She’s watching them constantly to make sure they’re okay (…) It’s like taking an emotional temperature to make sure everything is okay.”

Kate Middleton © Backgrid UK

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