Kate Middleton: the surprising confidences of Reese Witherspoon on their meeting

In 2011, Reese Witherspoon first met Kate Middleton. A very emotional moment for the actress who has never hidden her admiration for the British royal family! In her autobiography and cookbook, entitled Whiskey in a Teacup, the pretty blonde agreed to confide in this very special day when she had received an invitation to meet the Duchess of Cambridge. “I felt relatively immune to the royal family’s obsession until a few years ago when I was invited to meet Kate Middleton. She had just married Prince William and was coming to Los Angeles for a fundraiser. I don’t even know how I got the chance to receive the invitation. The cry that came from my lips upon receiving it – you would have thought I was going to die, “laughed Reese Witherspoon .

Stressed at the idea of ​​meeting Kate Middleton, the actress woke up at 4 a.m. on the day of the event. In her book, she shared, “I was up at 4 am doing my hair. It’s early even for me. I was standing, dressed and waiting by the door at 7 am. . Jim took pictures of me in the car. You can see rays of happiness springing from my face. I really like Kate Middleton. ” On a cloudy note after finally meeting Prince William’s wife, Reese Witherspoon said: “She didn’t disappoint me! She was just adorable and warm and stylish. She also told a joke, and I immediately fell in love. under her spell. She is just as beautiful as she looks. She is a very compassionate, socially aware and deeply caring person. ” Admiringly, she added, “It takes a very special person to decide to embark on this kind of life. To choose to be in the public eye at all times. Now that she’s in this position, her whole life. life is dedicated to others, forever. I am so in awe of this kind of dedication. “

A real friendly love at first sight

A few years earlier, it was on the set of Ellen DeGeneres that Reese Witherspoon had revealed the underside of her meeting with Kate Middleton. “Maybe we can be friends! I would like to hang out with her, but I’m not sure she really wants to hang out with me …”, she confided. However, it seems that the two women have become friends and talk to each other on a regular basis! A source from Ok magazine said that they exchange via WhatsApp: “They don’t like texting, as they are afraid that their conversations will be hacked. They agree on a schedule, usually when it’s the morning in Los Angeles and the afternoon in London, to be able to chat quietly. “

Reese Witherspoon © FAMEFLYNET

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