The Cambridges have published very rare photos of their children this year. A photo of their Christmas card was posted on the Cambridge’s Instagram account on December 10. This beautiful photo freezing the genuine smiles of members of the Cambridge family was taken in Jordan. Darren Stanton, an expert on personal language, said “The first thing that strikes me about this photo is that everyone is putting on a genuine smile.” Fans of the royal family have noticed a striking resemblance between Louis and one of his close relatives.

In this photo taken during a family vacation in Jordan, we can see that Louis has grown up. Kate and William’s three-year-old son “looks particularly grown up,” according to Mirror. But what impressed fans the most is that he appears to be the spitting image of his maternal grandfather. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s followers have indeed noticed that Louis looks a lot like Michael Middleton. “He’s identical to his grandfather Michael Middleton,” commented one fan. “Louis is cute, the spitting image of his maternal grandfather,” says another fan.

Like Louis, Charlotte also has the traits of one of her closest relatives.

Fans also commented on Charlotte’s resemblance to a member of the royal family. Unlike Louis, Charlotte bears a striking resemblance to a relative on her father’s side. Fans find that she has a lot in common with Queen Elizabeth. Some fans even go so far as to say that Charlotte has “the unusual pose of Her Majesty”. “Charlotte is such a cute princess, she’s a mini version of the Queen,” one fan wrote. “Charlotte is the image of the Queen. Adorable,” said another.

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