Despite the image of the royal family and the obligations that come with being a member of the monarchy, Kate Middleton has always strived to ensure that George, Charlotte and Louis grow up like all children their age, by devoting themselves to very varied activities such as sport, music or plastic arts. And if the Duchess of Cambridge makes them discover many things on a daily basis, there is a world that is exclusively reserved for their grandmother Carole Middleton: gardening. In the columns of Saga, relayed by People, Kate Middleton’s mother thus confided in this passion that she wishes to transmit to her grandchildren.

“It’s important for children to grow up enjoying nature and it allows them to get a little dirty,” she said, while Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis often come to recharge their batteries at home, where they organize small gardening sessions. “If I am planting with my grandchildren, I like everything to be set up for them in ‘activity stations’ with their own little trowel and pot and so they can start immediately,” she said. confided, thus revealing his secret to a successful business. “It’s not good when you start an activity with a child to call them and then start looking for the equipment and where to put them. They will lose their interest in the activity,” adds Carole Middleton.

This little freedom that Carole Middleton leaves to her grandchildren

A passion for gardening that Kate Middleton’s mother has in common with Camilla Parker Bowles, and that she wishes to transmit to George, Charlotte and Louis with the aim in particular of teaching them to adopt a good diet, they who are already well supervised on this point by their mother, who cultivates a vegetable garden in Kensington Palace. “Growing potatoes is easy to get started, and looking for potatoes is fun at any age,” said Carole Middleton, who reveals that she grows “carrots, beets and onions” with them, and that there is, she says, “no better way to encourage healthy eating than to let your grandchildren see how food is grown and let them pick theirs.”

Carole Middleton © AGENCY

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