Kate Middleton: the Duchess confides in Prince William’s support during confinement

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Kate Middleton and Prince William have been, like all parents, confined to their home, in the company of their three children, George (7 years old), Charlotte (5 years old) and Louis (2 years old) ). However, they do not forget to be present for the population and make video calls. During a zoom conversation, the Duchess of Cambridge spoke with some parents and did not hesitate to confide in her daily life. While parents asked her “Who is your greatest support during this pandemic?”, It is without hesitation that she replied “William”, confident how much her husband is of great support to her during this pandemic. this very complicated period. Indeed, the couple must juggle their royal duties and their children, who need a lot of help with their learning. A very funny situation for Prince William: “You quickly start to worry about how little you remember from your school learning when you realize that you cannot answer math questions”, he revealed during of an interview with People during the first confinement. Revelations that have proven that the royal family is no different from others and faces the same galleys.

Is Kate Middleton the one who can solve the problems of George and Charlotte, both in school? “My math level? -5”, she admits, laughing. So, how are Prince William and his wife living during this pandemic? “It’s exhausting,” she said. She then confides being aware of the difficulty of “juggling between work, family life, home-schooled children and all the rest”. She also adds that as a parent she had to “take on additional roles”. Indeed, she referred to the hairdresser and indicated that because of the closure of the businesses, she had to improvise as a hairdresser and cut herself the hair of George, Charlotte and Louis. An initiative that “horrifies” her children, she says amused. As for Prince William? He “has fun” with them in the garden. While they must both be very present for their children, they were able to count on Elizabeth II who gave them permission to use the Sandringham house for work. This is located near their home in Amner Hall and therefore allows them to juggle their family life and their royal obligations.

Maria Borallo, the nanny of the couple’s children

For several years, Maria Borallo has worked with Cambridge and does not hesitate to follow very strict rules. According to information revealed by The Mirror this Saturday, February 6, there is a word that she is prohibited from speaking in the presence of the three children. Indeed, it is about “kids” which one can translate by “gosses”. The media reveal that it is a proof of respect since they are called by their first names or simply with the term “child”. A rule that the nanny obeys, no questions asked.

Kate Middleton and Prince William © Agency

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