Kate Middleton: the disturbing portraits of her children George, Charlotte and Louis when they are old

What will George, Charlotte and Louis look like when they turn sixty? This is obviously the question that tormented the newspaper MyLondon, which hastened to put the photo of the three heirs in the FaceApp application to age their features. Result? Their childish silhouette is seen overhung by a wrinkled face and a white mane that are puzzling. The first to have borne the brunt of this transformation is the youngest, Prince Louis, who, despite his chubby little body of a 3-year-old child and his hands covered in paint, displays a wrinkled forehead and the facial hair of Santa Claus. Next comes Charlotte, whom the application styled with an elegant silver ponytail. While the sixty-year-old Louis has a slight air of Mark Hamill, Charlotte bears a certain resemblance to her great-grandmother the Queen. As for George, we’ll leave it up to you to define who he might look like. Her hair, probably intact with age, however, has nothing to envy to the famous brushing of Robert Redford.

What Prince George, Charlotte and Louis will look like when they’re old according to app #SmartNews This is UGLY !! https://t.co/CazCLCw2gz

– Paco Piccini (@PacoPiccini) July 8, 2021

Prince George: what is his nickname at school?

Very popular at Thomas’s Battersea school, where he has been educated since 2016, Prince George is even entitled to a little nickname from his comrades. Indeed, they call it PG, for Prince George. And some even go so far as to give it the nickname of PG Tips, in reference to an English brand of tea bags.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. © Agency

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