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Kate Middleton surprised during a little improvised dance next to William

On the front of the media scene, and in accordance with strict royal protocol, Kate Middleton and Prince William were not used to revealing their complicity in the open. However, for several months, the Duchess and the Duke of Cambridge have multiplied the proofs of affection. The proof, in a video relayed on Twitter by the British tabloid The Sun on Monday, December 7, the mother was unveiled in the middle of an improvised dance alongside her husband. The couple were then at Euston station in London, preparing to board a train for an exceptional tour of the UK to thank the efforts of frontline workers against the coronavirus.

So, admiring the Christmas decorations of London station, accompanied by a festive song announcing a happy holiday season despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Kate Middleton could not help but dance in following the beat of the music, swaying left to right as Prince William watched, visibly moved. Indeed, before joining their train, near the departure, the elder brother of prince Harry slipped his hand in the back of his beautiful during their boarding. Proof that love is high between lovebirds.

Prince William puts a gentle hand on Kate’s back as they board the Royal Train to start their ‘thank you ‘tour pic.twitter.com/0YDtrTfixI

– The Sun (@TheSun) December 7, 2020

Uncomplicated from the Megxit

It must be said that the departure of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had a positive impact on the couple formed by Kate Middleton and Prince William. Used to living in the shadow of the Sussexes, now exiled in California after having lived in Canada at the start of 2020, the future rulers of England are enjoying a new light. They are thus revealed uninhibited but also more tactile and united than ever. A renewed affection explained in February 2020 by body language expert Judi James in the columns of the Sun. “Their body language has long been under control, and that’s what was expected of them because of their roles,” she said. Because the protocol is all the more severe with a future heir to the Crown. “William and Kate are daring more signs of non-verbal interaction from the Megxit, as if they’ve figured out they can push their ways around a bit more without being criticized.”

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