When it comes to fashion, Kate Middleton has nothing to envy of the greatest fashionistas. Always elegant, sometimes with a touch of daring, it breathes a breath of glamor in the corridors of Buckingham Palace. Limited in her official outings last year due to the Covid, the Duchess of Cambridge had more of the opportunity to travel in 2021. And who says official exit, says special attire. From her vibrant purple suit at the end of September to her total red look at the beginning of December, including her sumptuous gold dress at the James Bond premiere, one thing is certain: where Kate goes, bad taste passes! But let’s start from the beginning. One of the first looks of the year to confirm the Duchess’s fashion mastery dates back to March 11, when she went to the reopening of a school in east London wearing a long candy pink coat, fitting with its sweater, and accompanied by black pants. A daring look whose color contrasted wonderfully with the winter gray. The Duchess’s second take-home outfit dates from her trip to Scotland in May, when she sported a dark green tailored jacket, black cigarette pants and a pair of white sneakers. The perfect alliance of royalty and simplicity! September was also a Grand Cru for Kate Middleton, starting with her visit to a Royal Air Force base on the 15th, when she appeared wearing a beige jacket and navy palazzo pants. Chic as you wish! We cannot decently mention the Duchess’s fashion charts without mentioning her sumptuous golden dress embroidered with rhinestones, at the preview of the latest James Bond, on September 28. An outfit that caused a sensation on the Web, as on the red carpet! The next day, she was full again at the University of Ulster, in Northern Ireland, adorned with a fuchsia suit, pigmented to perfection.

Kate Middleton: when the Duchess plays her modern-day mermaid

In October, it was her total red look – turtleneck and vaporous skirt – that fueled all conversations. A vitamin outfit that Kate Middleton had accompanied with a wavy hairstyle, very Hollywood glamor of the 40s. Finally, the seventh and last look that comes to close this comeback in images dates back to November 18, during the Royal Variety Performance. Dressed in a long green dress encrusted with rhinestones and topped with a wavy mane, pulled back over the shoulder, the Duchess looked like a modern-day mermaid!

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