Who says official trip, says real parade for Kate Middleton. Arriving in Belize on March 19 as part of a tour of the Caribbean, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge continued their journey, this time packing their bags in Jamaica. A special trip on the occasion of the jubilee of Elizabeth II, where they will have to convince this Commonwealth country to remain in the international organization, and not to follow in the footsteps of Barbados, which recently became a Republic. A more difficult task than it seems for Prince William and his wife, who have decided to bet on a seduction operation.

To do this, nothing better for them than to appear more invested and smiling than ever, making a series of visits, notably to a school in Kingston, a hospital in Spanish Town, as well as a State dinner during which they are not gone unnoticed. While Prince William opted for a black tuxedo, Kate Middleton was sumptuous in a shimmering emerald green dress, which showed off her bare shoulders. After falling for a pink evening dress from Vampire’s Wife, this time she fell for a creation by one of her favorite designers, Jenny Packham. An outfit associated with jewelry lent by the queen, and on which had hung her favorite royal badge: a yellow bow with the effigy of the queen.

What’s the next step in Kate and William’s journey?

But if Kate Middleton and Prince William intend to seduce Jamaicans, they have also fallen in love with this country where they feel comfortable. “Already during our short stay here in Jamaica, Catherine and I are delighted to have felt what Bob Marley described so many years ago – the spirit of ‘One love’ that Jamaica has given the world and that makes this country so special. As we heard for ourselves at the birthplace of reggae music last night in Trench Town, when the Rasta drums start playing, you sure know how to have a good time.” writes the Duke of Cambridge on Instagram, visibly conquered. The last leg of this trip will be the Bahamas for the royal couple.

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