Could Kate Middleton and Prince William be expanding the family? Already parents of George, Charlotte and Louis, the Cambridges are at the heart of many rumors. And if it seems that the duchess is not against falling pregnant again, the duke, he seems fulfilled with his three children. This Wednesday, May 11, Prince William and Kate Middleton flew to Scotland where they visited St. John’s Primary School, where young students learn empathy by observing a baby. Faced with this infant, the Duchess has completely melted. Smiling, she didn’t hesitate to take little Saul on her lap, while looking at him tenderly. What inspire a little joke to her husband … “Can you get my wife out of here before she has new desires for motherhood?”, launched prince William.

On an official trip to Denmark last January, Kate Middleton hinted that she would like to have another child. In the premises of the Copenhagen Infant Mental Health Project, which aims to promote mental well-being and the relationship between infants and their parents, the Duchess had met parents, but also their young children. “It makes me very moody,” she said during her visit, calling herself a “brooding” mom. “William is always worried that I’m meeting kids under a year old. I come home saying, ‘Let’s do another one,'” she said bluntly. In January, her husband had already showered his hopes during a visit to Lancashire, with the same kind of joke.

Kate Middleton encountered ‘difficulties in kinship’

While taking photos with families, Kate Middleton then held a little girl in her arms. “Don’t give my wife any more ideas!” Hastened to launch Prince William. For the Duchess of Cambridge, therefore, the desires for motherhood will surely not be satisfied… Especially since she has already confided in an open heart about the difficulty of raising three children, when she came to Sheffield there. a few weeks. “What struck me the most about the Duchess was her real interest. She really listened to our experiences, she wanted our families to share their experiences, their experiences, and then she didn’t She was not ashamed to share the difficulties she encountered in parenthood, confided a woman who met Kate Middleton.She had real empathy for parents who raise children, since she herself has three children. ” Three and certainly not four.

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