What if there is a missing Crown Jewel in The Crown? While the fifth season of the series which follows the reign of Elizabeth II will soon be broadcast, the producers are already working on the sequel. The following ? It will take place between 1997 and the early 2000s, when Prince William met Kate Middleton. And if the teams of The Crown have the intention to evoke the beginning of the idyll of Cambridge, they are also ready to completely snub the duchess. As The Sun reports, if they can’t find a perfect actress to embody it, they should take the gamble of… going without! “Having the Duchess of Cambridge featured is an easy win for The Crown, as the creators know it will attract more people,” a source told the tabloid.

“Especially since it will show her relationship with William just as their romance begins to blossom when they were both students, she continued. But since she is not necessarily an element Crucial to the story, Kate’s presence is basically a bonus, they’ll only choose someone if they can find the right candidate.” A few weeks ago, the producers of The Crown, on the other hand, launched a call to find the actors who will play the roles of princes William and Harry, at the start of their adult life. In the meantime, Netflix viewers will be able to discover the fifth season of the series from next November. These new episodes should explore a difficult period for the royal family.

The Crown: who are the new actors?

Indeed, viewers will discover the year 1992, during which the divorce between Charles and Diana was announced. In season 5, actress Olivia Colman will give way to Imelda Staunton in the role of Queen Elizabeth II. Jonathan Pryce will star as Prince Philip, while Lesley Manville will play Queen Elizabeth’s sister, Princess Margaret. Elizabeth Debicki will embody the role of Lady Diana while Dominic West has blended into that of Prince Charles. And Prince Harry should be in front of his TV. Asked by James Corben, Meghan Markle’s husband said he was “much more comfortable with The Crown” than with the tabloids: “It’s fiction, but fiction based on truth”.

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