Kate Middleton was visiting a maternity ward
The Princess of Wales chatted with a little boy
Kate Middleton gave him a symbolic gift

Her mother’s heart has completely melted. This Wednesday, November 9, Kate Middleton shared a special moment with a 3-year-old boy. In an autumnal outfit that suited her, the Princess of Wales went to the Maternal Mental Health Alliance, a British charity of which she is the godmother. On the spot, she spent time with the nursing staff but also children, very happy to meet Kate Middleton. Outside the building, she was totally seduced by little Akeem. The Duchess of Cambridge knelt down to speak to him from her height, as seen in a video shared on Twitter by journalist Rhiannon Mills.

Unimpressed with the idea of ​​speaking to a member of the royal family, Akeem asked Kate Middleton his first name. “My name is Catherine,” she told Akeem, who simply replied, “Okay,” prompting laughter from the crowd. The little boy, on the other hand, showed more interest in the accessory that no longer leaves the clothes of the Princess of Wales: the brooch in the shape of a poppy, worn in memory of those who lost their lives in war. Listening only to her mother’s heart, Kate Middleton did not hesitate for a second. “Do you know what it’s for? Asked Prince William’s wife, removing the pin from her coat. It’s to remember all the soldiers who died during the war. That’s it, it’s for you.”

It’s not everyday you get a poppy from a Princess Akeem who’s 3 was very chatty when Kate unexpectedly stopped to say hello at a maternity mental health visit so she gave him her remembrance poppy. Thanks Liberty from Colham Manor primary and Akeem’s mum for letting me share pic.twitter.com/ykP1wyujtf

— Rhiannon Mills (@SkyRhiannon) November 9, 2022

Kate Middleton: how much does her outfit cost?

As Akeem held the poppy in his hands, George, Charlotte and Louis’ mother made sure to give it to his mum so the little boy wouldn’t hurt himself. Every year during the month of November, red poppy-shaped embroideries become a key piece in the royal family’s wardrobe. This flower has been used since 1921 to commemorate war dead. And the least we can say is that Kate Middleton loved her day with children. “A wonderful first visit to the Maternal Mental Health Alliance this morning, where she admired her work and the benefits that a holistic approach brings to so many mothers and families,” said a spokesperson for the Prince and the Princess of Wales.

Kate Middleton had “time with the new mothers, to learn about their experiences with mental health and how integrated services are making a real difference in the community”. For this scrutinized outing, she had therefore bet on a monochrome outfit. The Princess of Wales donned an elegant dark olive coat and Khaki dress. If you want to wear the same pieces as the princess, you will have to pay 369 pounds to afford the same coat, signed Hobbs, and only 40 euros for the dress of the duchess, which comes from Mango. To perfect her look of the day, Kate Middleton once again donned her favorite pair of 550-pound pearl earrings from designer Kiki McDonough. Flawless!

Kate Middleton: seduced by a curious little boy, she gives him a very symbolic gift (Video)

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