Kate Middleton was not spared in Prince Harry’s book.
Prince William’s brother’s book has something to annoy the Princess of Wales.
On January 12, 2023, Kate Middleton was spotted without her engagement ring.

A few passages from Prince Harry’s now famous book are dedicated to his sister-in-law Kate Middleton. The Princess of Wales’ husband, Prince William, was also not spared the Duke of Sussex’s unpacking. His big brother, described as impulsive and attached to the crown, threw him to the ground, says Prince Harry, 38. Kate Middleton, mother of George, Charlotte and Louis, also had some on her side in Spare, Prince Harry’s book. The Duke of Sussex also mentions the quarrels between Meghan Markle his wife and Kate Middleton his sister-in-law.

Prince Harry says Kate Middleton was condescending to Meghan Markle. The Prince and Princess of Wales have issued no comment in response to all of the Duke of Sussex’s revelations. Presumably, no member of the royal family, let alone Buckingham Palace, intends to counterattack. Nevertheless, we learn that Prince William is particularly angry with his younger brother. And that Kate Middleton would also be “angry and hurt”, reports Here, quoting Page Six.

Kate Middleton: concerned about hygiene, the Princess of Wales got rid of her ring

On January 12, Kate Middleton began her first public outing after the publication of Prince Harry’s book. The Princess of Wales, who just turned 41, traveled to Liverpool to open the Royal University Hospital of Liverpool. Kate and William were asked about Prince Harry’s memoir, but preferred not to answer. In the photos and selfies taken by the couple on site, we can see that Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, was not wearing her 12-karat sapphire engagement ring. The Princess of Wales would have removed her ring for hygiene reasons, specifies the magazine Here.

Kate Middleton relieved of her engagement ring, the reasons revealed

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